War Movie Buff? Prove it. Take our Quiz!

War Movie Buff? Prove it. Take our Quiz!

by Dave Hauger, April 20, 2016

As long as the history of war on film is, the number of films produced is astounding. How strong is your handle on one of the world’s most essential film genres?

Take our war movie quiz and find out!

The history of war movies dates back almost as far as the medium itself. Wars of all magnitudes have come and gone, and each has inspired artists to revisit historical events in the name of artistic expression. Like film noir, westerns, science fiction, and gangster pictures, the war film has established its own rich, storied history.

The concept of the war film has been a fertile subject for cinematic innovation. As the medium has evolved, battle scenes have become increasingly sophisticated and complex, and the latest and greatest special effects have allowed filmmakers to strive for ever-more realistic portrayals. Rife with human struggle, action, and drama on the grandest scale, war movies will continue to provide no shortage of material. Though anti-war films have amassed into a significant sub-genre, no movie can depict active combat without standing as a testament to the courage and sacrifice required to get the job done.


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