Spring Bucket List for the Family

Spring Bucket List for the Family

by Tahj Mayes, March 15, 2016

Unless you’re in Colorado, spring weather is here. Green landscapes, wildflowers blooming, and day after day of pleasant sunny days–enjoy them before the weather turns to the southern furnace we all know (and some love).

Before having a family, when I would think of a spring bucket list, I’d think about exciting travels and experiences that I wanted to do before settling down, as they say. Things like sky-diving, snorkeling in the Caribbean, or hiking in the Alps–all extremely great ideas, btw.

For most of us and for a variety of reasons, every day can’t be a trip to South America. But changing up the scenery or doing the everyday tasks a little differently, can make each day feel full of its own little magic. 

Fresh ideas for family time are always welcome in my house, so here a few ideas to add to your Spring Bucket List. (And they are budget friendly!)


Spring Bucket List

Strawberry Fields Forever

Travel to a local berry farm and pick some delicious eats! Strawberry season doesn’t last long, so hop on it!

Go Camping

Pitch your tents or rent a cabin–you can camp in luxury or primitive style. Choose what works best for your fam and make some memories!

Zoo visit

The animals tend to be more active on cool spring mornings. If you can swing a weekday visit, you’ll miss the weekend crowds!spring bucket list quote - fresh air


If camping is too much of a commitment for you, take the family on a picnic. Try a local state or national park or anywhere there is a playground, ducks to feed, or other fun activities.

Plant a Garden

Create a garden or plant a few potted flowers. For little kids it’s fun to get a mixture of transplants and to also grow one or two plants from seed. You can watch the whole process and learn about the science behind it.

Make a bird feeder

Visit a farm or a petting zoo. Since it’s spring, you’ll be sure to see some baby animals. And who doesn’t love baby spring bucket list nature quoteanimals?

Nature Hike

See if you can identify wildflowers! Park offices and tourism centers often give away maps of local wildflowers. Or you could check out a library book and bring it along to identify the wild things popping up all around.

Go to the Library

While hitting the library is especially useful during the summer, there isn’t a bad time to find some new books to read (or visit old favorites). You might want to check out books informing other activities on your spring bucket list: local wildflowers, baby animals, vegetable gardens, etc.

Fly a kite

Buy one at the dollar store or make one, if you are looking for a craft day, too!


Lay out blankets in your backyard and see how many constellations you can identify.

Catch Lightning Bugs

Getting to stay up a little later than normal is a treat to any kid with an early bedtime. And how much more exciting when you catch fireflies in a jar! It’s like catching magic.

Gone Fishin’

A pier, a lake, a river, a pond–just go!


Depending on where you live, there is probably a festival in either your city or one around you. You can check out your city’s web page or your state webpage. From flowers to foodies, you should be able find one near you.

Flip your own Flea Market find

Hunt for treasures at your local flea market. Find something rustic to polish up or give each kid a small amount of money and see what treasure they find!

Family Bike Ride

Cycle around the neighborhood or load up the bikes and find a nearby park to bike around.

Outdoor Concert



Host a game night

Do this as a family or invite another family or two over. Set up multiple game areas and have everyone bring their favorite games.

Eat outside

Such a small change can make a night feel special. Put up camping chairs or lay down a blanket and enjoy the fresh air. Leave all devices inside for an hour of quality time together.

Watch the sunrise

Great pairing with camping or fishing! Enjoy one of the last mornings (for awhile) where you’ll need a jacket, blanket, or hot cup of cocoa/coffee.

See a baseball or soccer game

If your kids play sports, you might already do this every weekend. But there’s something special about going to a professional game. Check out the minor leagues and colleges for cheaper tickets or if you don’t live near a major stadium.

Canoe/kayak/stand up paddle board

Spending a few hours on the water is not only enjoyable, but you can make it as athletic (or not) as you want.

Go horseback riding


Even better to do yoga outdoors!

Go to a drive-in movie.



Art outside

Paint or draw in a park or other natural setting. Pack up the art supplies and cop a squat somewhere inspiring!

Skip rocks

Feed ducks.

Play sidewalk chalk games.


Help a neighbor or someone with physical disabilities do yard work or housework.

Letter me this

Hand write letters to family or friends. Take a silly photo, print it out, and send it in the letter. This could make the day of a grandparent, aunt/uncle, or godparent.

Farmer’s Market

These are great year-round, but when the spring weather hits, they tend to have all sorts of activities for families.)


Cookout or barbecue with friends or family. Grill up some yummy veggies from the farmer’s market! Grilled asparagus, anyone?

Make wind chime

Find items at the flea market or garage sale to make wind chimes.

Play Frisbee or catch

Visit a local botanical garden

Platform 9 ¾

Take a train somewhere–anywhere! Ride the tracks at a local park or festival or take a weekend break somewhere you can go by train, like a nearby city. Stay downtown and make your way around only by foot, bus, and trolly! (Lyft makes this kind of adventure even more accessible.)


Plan an upcycle project for Earth Day (April 22, 2016), for example a DIY pallet project.

Read a book or series together.


Play a game of cornhole. (Make a set for your pallet project?)

Paint rocks for your garden.


The idea for a Spring Bucket List for the family is to change it up–spend time together doing something you don’t normally do, which is why movie night/movie marathon isn’t on here. But of course, anything that you can all enjoy doing together is time well spent!

Family care–like self carees mucho importante. And the best family or self care, should feel easy, fun, relaxing, or make your cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Don’t try too hard. Just mix it up a bit.