Korean War Timeline Infographic

Korean War Timeline Infographic

by Tahj Mayes, September 18, 2015

Also referred to as the “Forgotten War” the Korean War is a short but significant part of America’s history. This infographic of the Korean War timeline shows a snapshot of this specific conflict, as well as its monstrous casualties for most of the nations involved. With this post and infographic, we uphold that this war and the veterans who fought it are remembered.

It is impossible to talk about U.S. involvement in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War without mentioning the Cold War, which both fueled and outlasted both conflicts on either side. For a glimpse at the big picture of this era, stay tuned for our coming infographic of the Cold War timeline.

Pre-War Korea & Causes of War

The Korean Penninsula (a single country) was under Japanese rule until 1945 when the U.S. and Soviet Union divided the country at the 38th parallel, as spoils from defeating Japan in WWII. Russia occupied North Korea and the U.S. occupied South Korea in an effort to keep Russian communism from spreading to the south.

By 1948, South Korea had formed an assembly which instated the Republic of Korea and North Korea formed the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Both sides of the divide hoped to reunite Korea under the new governing ideologies.

The Korean War is the first war that the U.N. was involved in and since the Soviet Union left the U.N. in boycott for its refusal to add a representative from China, the U.N.’s movement supported South Korea. One year earlier, U.S. president Truman started an anti-communist movement, the Red Scare, on American soil with the start of the Cold War.


Korean War Timeline

June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953

korean war timeline infographic



Korean War Facts

  • The Korean War was technically a “police action” as Truman nor Congress never formally declared war.
  • Both sides signed a cease-fire, but an actual treaty was never signed to officially end the war.
  • The first battle fought only by jet aircraft occurred in the Korean War.
  • The U.S. dropped more bombs in the Korean War than in WWII.
  • U.S. government spent about 60 billion dollars on the Korean War.
  • Members of the U.N. that sent fighting units to Korea: Great Britain, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Colombia, Ethiopia, South Africa, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Philippines and Luxembourg.


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