How to Teach Patriotism to Kids

How to Teach Patriotism to Kids

by Tahj Mayes, November 11, 2015

The timing of this press release from Boot Campaign may align with Veterans Day, but these tips for teaching patriotism are applicable year-round. They are easily adjusted to kids of all ages, too.

The Boot Campaign has developed a program teaching patriotism to grades K-12, called the Patriot League Program. Co-developer and teacher Diana Rambaldi came up with the following 10 tips for parents on how to teach patriotism to their kids.

10 Tips to Teach Patriotism to Kids

This excerpt is from the press release, published on PRWEB on Monday:

1. Define “freedom” and display the definition in your home for kids to see regularly.

2. Ask your child to list the freedoms he or she enjoys (playing video games, going to the movies, eating ice cream, etc.) and mention that not every child around the world has those rights.

3. Identify July 4th as our country’s birthday and the day we announced no other country could rule us; discuss America’s road to independence.

4. List ways we can show our patriotism (fly the flag, wear BOOTS!).

5. Research and share the story of our national anthem and how we identify with it today.

6. Talk about the American flag and ask your child what the flag means to him or her.

7. Explain why we say the Pledge of Allegiance; identify keywords and their meanings including ‘liberty,’ ‘justice,’ and ‘indivisible.’

8. Talk about the troops as our protectors… today’s real superheroes! Discuss how they risk their lives defending our freedom.

9. Give your child positive, age-appropriate opportunities to interact with Military service members and veterans.

10. List ways to thank, honor, and give back to those who defend our country.

The Boot Campaign is a national non-profit that promotes patriotism, “[raises] awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service,” and supports military families through selling combat boots (and other merchandise).

To find out more about the Patriot League program or how to register for next semester, visit this link: bootcampaign.org/patriotleague.

In addition to Ramaldi’s 10 tips, what ways do you teach patriotism to your kids? Sharing ideas is the best way to continually learn and illuminate the beauty and the sacrifice!