8 Military Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

8 Military Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

by Dave Hauger, December 17, 2015

Just as folks all over the country are cutting their television cords, podcasts are taking a serious bite out of the radio landscape. There are podcasts for pretty much every interest under the sun—including military podcasts. Whether you’re new to the pod game entirely, or a seasoned listener looking for just the right show for your commute or evening listening, here are 8 military-themed podcasts worth checking out.

8 Military Podcasts

Stuff You Missed In History Class (Military History)

Stuff You Missed In History Class is home to many podcasts, one of which is devoted to military history. SYMIHC features discussions of historic battles and other war-related oddities. A sampling of the fascinating topics includes; “The Night Witches,” about the all-female Soviet bombing squad; and a two-parter on the history of Presidential assassinations. Episodes run just over 30 minutes.

Military History Podcast

Anyone looking for a reserved, academic listening experience need look no further. Military History Podcast covers a range of topics, spanning from pre-history to modern day. It mixes standard textbook fare such as “The British Empire (Parts I & II)” in with more pop-culturally relevant topics like, “Area 51,” “War Animals,” and “Propaganda.” The episodes sampled for this quickie podcast all fell in the 12-20 minute range.

Airplane Geeks

The Airplane Geeks podcast is perfect for pilots, engineers, and people who just like good stories. Pilots and aviation experts frequently make guest appearances to talk about various airplane models and their experiences with them. This might be just the ticket for frequent travelers, as many episodes run 90+ minutes.

Lead Like A Marine

Lead Like A Marine is a weekly pod devoted to helping U.S. Service Members translate their unique abilities into marketable skills that will help them in the civilian job market. Guest podcasters who have made the transition share their stories and successes. Episode lengths seem to vary pretty widely, but most reside in the 30-60 minute range.

Army Wife Network

For Army wives. By Army wives. The Army Wife Network podcast is a talk radio style show that covers wide-ranging topics and features frequent guest appearances. Topics cover family life, raising children, and strengthening relationships with deployed spouses despite the distance, among many other things. Each episode runs about an hour.

Talking With Heroes

The Talking With Heroes  military podcast is a great interview program. The hosts speak with inspiring figures with memorable military stories to share. For a dose of appreciation for all of the amazing things accomplished by our military servicemen, Talking With Heroes should do just the trick. Most episodes are between 30 and 60 minutes in length.

High Speed Low Drag

High Speed Low Drag is a military podcast dedicated to veterans who have transitioned back into civilian life. This pod covers similar ground to Lead Like A Marine, but HSLD probably skews slightly younger. If you can’t get enough stories about people finding success in their second careers, then you might as well listen to both. Episodes of HSLD run around 30 minutes.

Cigars & Sea Stories

A pod for Marines, and by Marines, C&SS is a pod focused on empowering veterans to achieve greatness. This is another podcast featuring guests sharing stories and engaging in conversation about both their war experiences and lives after the fact. It’s an engaging show that offers lively conversation. C&SS differentiates from similar military podcasts by featuring much longer episodes (frequently running well over an hour).

If you have further suggestions for great military podcasts, then please share!