Nobody does more for veterans than VFW.

The Southern Conference of the VFW is one of four conferences in the national organization, and it represents the fourteen states stretching across the United States from Texas to Virginia. Our goal is to foster an online community of armed service men and women (active and retired), their families, friends, and our valued donors. We also aim to administer support to veterans and their families, providing resources both locally and nationally. We proudly hit these marks in a way no other part of the organization can – with Southern style!

The South is a unique region of this country. Southerners love their twang, are obsessed with food, and among other things, just really love being from the South. We’re proud to say we come from a place where being “down home” is synonymous with having a good upbringing. Old-fashioned patriotism, along with all the memories of barbecues, county fairs, and enormous family get-togethers, are key parts of that shared Southern culture.

All of our VFW Southern Conference members and donors have a passion for this country. They have a respectful appreciation for the bravery and sacrifice of the veterans and their families who have given freely for us to thrive as a nation of unified individuals.

We are Veterans of Foreign Wars Southern Conference, but we are also proud to represent the United States of America.

We Salute Our Veterans!

Three letters are repaying the debt that every American owes to every veteran.

Three letters: VFW.
They stand for help. Helping veterans find education and jobs.
The stand for justice. Fighting for healthcare and benefits.
They stand for the gratitude that a humbled nation will hold in its heart forever. We are the Veterans of Foreign Wars. We’re the VFW.
No one does more for veterans.


Making a difference in the lives of the men and women who’ve protected ours.

US Vet Service Dogs provides veterans with trained service dogs that come built in with life-time wrap-around care. We don’t just give our warriors a service animal- we give them family.

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